Pikes Peak Genealogical Society

Research Help


If you're a beginning researcher with questions or just want to bounce a research brick wall off an experienced genealogist, schedule a time to meet at the library with one of our GenMentors, PPGS members who volunteer their time to help you learn.

Not Local?
Research in local records and periodicals: PPGS will do limited research in local facilities for a suggested donation of $10 per hour. Funds go to the purchase of books for the public library's genealogy collection. Please don't send a donation until we do the research.

Mail requests to the PPGS address below or e-mail the PPGS Secretary.

Pikes Peak Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 63901
Colorado Springs, CO 80962


Local Researchers for Hire

If you require extensive research, here is a list of local genealogists who will do research for hire, if available.


Need a Translator?

Please note that the following individuals are Pikes Peak Genealogical Society members and offer language translation on a limited basis. Translators can set limits on the amount of translating they will do and at what point they may charge a fee or refer someone to a professional translator for assistance. Google Translate may be able to help too.
French:          Marjorie Rapp                        
Latin:             Marjorie Rapp   
Portuguese:  Linda Pearce  
Spanish:        Linda Pearce
If you would like to volunteer your translating skills, please let us know.